Matt Channon – An innovative IT professional with wide expertise

Capability to collaborate resourcefully with the teammates is key to solve a complex task. Matt Channon has strong conviction in the success of team work, as none of us could be as good individually as a team working in sync on a given task. He is a real team player and an individual contributor too.

With global economy fiercely becoming reliant on innovation and specialized talent, companies are focusing more on retaining the people who are pretty deep. Being a high professional with expertise in mobile, wireless, full stack and engineering management, Matt Channon keeps developing his skills for the most effective performance in progressively more challenging capacity.

In addition to academic qualification of M.S., Electrical Engineering (Concentration in Photovoltaics) from Georgia Tech, 2002; and B.S., Materials Engineering (New Mexico Tech, 1999), Matt has added several computer skills to his professional portfolio that include Objective C, Xcode, Linux, HTML5, Postgre SQl, Amazon Web Services, Twilio and JJRA.

Being a high professional with high potential, Matt Channon:

  • Possesses a strong desire for achievement
  • Wants to be challenged
  • Is intrinsically motivated by his job
  • Possesses high specialty orientation
  • Has the capacity to develop expertise in the more challenging roles

Matt Channon’s experience working as expert mobile and wireless developer has vastly increased his familiarity with the challenges most often faced by the enterprises in IT sector.

A spectacular career profile

Working for Amazon (Alexa Group), Matt kept the project up with rapidly changing standards and implementing iBeacon support. As the Founder and Project Lead of Locture (Stealth Mode), Matt Channon developed cloud infrastructure classroom based real-time recording, and built prototype in IBM Watson. Matt Channon has served as Chief iOS Architect and Project Lead at IMVirtual/MeetingQ wherein he developed a novel, full-featured audio transcription app ready to deploy to the app store.

Additionally, Matt Channon has worked for the following profiles:

  • Senior iOS Engineer and Mobile Manager for ActivityPal/TurnUpp (Feb 2014 to Jan 2015) Here, Matt developed a social networking app featuring push notifications, social feed and JSON REST interface.
  • Lead Developer (Jan 2011 to June 2013) Matt conceived of pay-for-foot-traffic app concept and wrote Loitery app for iPhone and Android.
  • Lead Engineer Ngage Marketing (Oct 2012 to March 2013) Matt Channon launched the Ngage app which included full stack LEMP server and web interface for customers.
  • Chief Engineer eSol Corp ( Jan 2003 to Aug 2012) Here, Matt Channon manufactured a custom 10-foot laminator, tabbing and stringing stations, automated j-box machining tools and trained the staff on their use.

Matt Channon has wide reaching background in coding, process development and engineering management. As a highly motivated IT professional, Matt Channon enjoys working on highly challenging assignments in a demanding work environment wherein he brings his key expertise, perseverance and dedication to the fore.

Matt Channon believes that innovative approach, out-of-the-box thinking, deeper understanding of the project objectives and a company’s core values are integral to improve a business’s bottom line.