Matt Channon

Matt Channon

Matt Channon – Taking strides in wireless, mobile and full stack development

Being a full stack software engineer, Matt Channon develops testing procedures for new projects. He has expertise in working on a stack of java based and Ruby on Rails backend, thus extending the capabilities of a business’s server platform. He has capability to handle both front-end and back-end of a website.

Matt writes modular, efficient, reusable and maintainable codes. He works closely with wireless and mobile teams to launch new apps and add exciting features to the existing ones. As a full stack generalist, Matt Channon has capabilities to deal with more areas of web development. He is an astounding product administrator and contributes significantly in making a base feasible product.

Software development skills

With enterprises having to manage mobility more than ever before, the need for building solutions for cellular connectivity is increasingly felt across all industry verticals. Matt Channon’s expertise in Twilio – the cloud communication platform for developers has allowed him to easily program cellular connectivity solutions for various businesses. Matt Channon has worked to make the business communication relevant and contextual for some enterprises by embedding voice, messaging and video capabilities directly into their software applications. Matt Channon can provide custom career solutions to businesses with capability to program every text, call and data packet that interacts with a mobile device.

Expert techniques to save time and money

Drawing on his vast experience in mobile and wireless development, Matt Channon has developed capabilities to provide end-to-end execution of an Android or iOS project, from its conception and design to coding, testing, packaging and delivery. Matt makes use of time saving tricks and expert techniques for organizing teams and managing iOS/Android projects.

Pervasiveness of wireless devices has made them highly valuable for the businesses, but wireless app development has its own set of challenges. Some challenges of wireless app programming that Matt Channon tackles every day include the below ones:

Constrained devices:

Since mobile devices have limited storage, Matt doesn’t have the luxury of PC based environments with unlimited storage while working for wireless devices. He has to test and run his applications in limited storages of mobiles phones.

Browsers and platforms:

Matt modifies browser based applications for each browser type and device as they use diverse markup languages.

Device variability:

Mobile devices vary greatly in the use of over-the-air protocols, user-input interface and non-standard markup languages. So, Matt Channon ensures that server-based application infrastructure and middleware seamlessly interact with many more client environments than that of a PC.

In his illustrious career spanning over a decade and half in IT industry, Matt Channon has developed wide reaching capabilities in coding, apps development for iOS and Android, and software engineering management. He is a creative thinker and communicator with ability to integrate disparate subject areas to achieve a larger goal.

His Career Path

Matt Channon has completed his M.S. in Electrical Engineering (Concentration in Photovoltaic) from Georgia Tech (2002). He did B.S. in Materials Engineering from New Mexico Tech in 1999. Additionally, Matt has also acquired industry specific computer skills in Objective C, Linux, PHP, HTML, Twilio, Jenkins, MacOS, etc.

Matt Channon has worked in the key roles like that of a Chief Engineer, Lead Developer, Senior iOS Engineer and Mobile Developer, Lead Engineer, CEO, Founder etc. with the enterprises having core competencies in software development.

Profile he worked for

  • Objective C, Linux, PHP, HTML, Twilio, Jenkins, MacOS, etc.
  • Chief Engineer, Lead Developer
  • Senior iOS Engineer