Matt Channon - An upbeat techie with a futuristic vision

Matt Channon is an acclaimed wireless, mobile and full stack generalist with extensive expertise in software engineering management, and developing innovative apps and custom software for the enterprises, big and small.

Adding value to technical business processes

Being a results driven, analytical, detail oriented and articulate web developer, Matt Channon has a sterling technical track career spanning to nearly a decade and half. With his out-of-the-box thinking and strong expertise in computer skills like Java, HTML5, Linux, Perl, PostgreSQL, Twilio, BLE and Amazon web services, Matt has contributed significantly to the capability building and enhancement of various organizations he has worked for. The high value, high impact software developed by Matt Channon have resulted in improved return on investment for the businesses he has partnered with.

Staying current and ahead of the curve

Full stack generalist means, Matt has to manage every little thing in software development process, which is certainly not easy. To meet the challenges of the emerging technological impediments in wireless and mobile environments, Matt keeps working on lot of frameworks to stay current. With so much being on his plate, Matt Channon organizes the details beforehand so that various interruptions throughout the day do not slow down him and his team.

Cultivating creativity

A hardcore and passionate techie, Matt Channon is always curious to look for new ways to raise the bar. He has a growth mindset with tenacious desire to turn the challenges into opportunities for accelerated business growth. He believes that speed wins, and rightly so for good reasons. That’s why his operational pace is incredibly fast. However, Matt never loses focus while moving fast forward, all the while staying aligned. This requires strategic thought and clear communication – the qualities that are very much ingrained in the persona of Matt Channon.

Working with concentration

Like Matt, his code too remains humble with no room for any mesh up. Creating lengthy lines of codes requires lot of concentration. When Matt is at work in his office writing, reading and debugging codes, it’s silent for long periods of time, only to be broken up by occasional sip of coffee. For his profile, it is crucial for Matt Channon to be cutting edge and stay on top of the technology world news. That’s why he catches up with RSS feeds to stay abreast with advances in wireless, mobile and full stack development technologies.

Patent Portfolio

Matt filed for patent (PTO & PCT) for Fluorspar/Iodide Process for Simultaneous Purification and Crystallization of Silicon in October 2010.

Enjoying the finer moments of life

In his after work time, Matt often introspects about the bigger issues facing the technology industry. Being a family man, Matt Channon is a busy guy at home and at work. However, on weekends, he cuts down on techs to chill out with his family and friends. He loves fine dining and spends time in nature. On extended weekends, Matt Channon de-stresses himself and takes real vacations to relish some moments with family and friends to treasure for lifelong


  • M.S., Electrical Engineering (Concentration in Photovoltaics)
    Georgia Tech, 2002
    Additional coursework in Optical Engineering, Microelectronics Packaging, Gigascale Integration, Electrophysiology, Engineering Management, and Negotiation and Conflict.
  • B.S., Materials Engineering
    New Mexico Tech, 1999